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The EZY Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb wins US Architectural Record Magazine's Opening Award

EZY Jamb walks away with another WIN at the 2016 US Architectural Record Magazine Awards. Six architectural professionals, serving as jurors in this year’s contest, rated 425 entries according to usefulness, aesthetics, and degree of innovation, and determined that the EZY Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb was one of the best.

For a second year running EZYJamb has been acknowledged for its unique design of architectural products that support a strong commitment to innovation, usefulness and aesthetics.

In 2015 the EZY Jamb SRC Single Rabbet Trimless Doorframe impressed Architectural Record’s judges, being awarded the winner in the “Openings” category and now in 2016 the EZYJamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb has been given the same honor. 

InSwing Frameless Jamb Concealed Door Hinges Impresses Judges

The InSwing frame system is designed for the door to be flush with the wall on the exterior side of the opening, but allows the door to swing into the room. 

“To be recognized two years in a row is a great achievement for EZY Jamb. It really emphasizes the boundaries we are pushing and the innovation that is going into our new product development” says EZY Jamb North America Sales Manager Brandon Johnson.

For more information on EZY Jamb and the wider EZ Concept range contact us today to discover how flush finish walls and ceilings can set your next project apart from the crowd.

Introducing new EzyJamb products for architects and specifiers.

EZY Jamb’s new London office has opened to support the new product rollout in 2017. By analyzing over a decade’s worth of highly valued customer feedback–and intensive research and development– EZY Jamb has improved and refined its global product portfolio, and part of this involves expanding EZY Jamb’s presence in the United Kingdom.

“In 2017, we will also expand what’s available in the UK, which includes a single rebate frame, a flush inward opening frame and a complete pocket door system all incorporating the EZY Jamb clean line technology,” said Ben Stevens, Global Managing Director for EZY Jamb. “We felt that the time was right to open up a new office in London to support our UK customers and the new product roll out.”

The new SRC (Single Rebate) Ezy Jamb frame gives an even cleaner look than the original EzyJamb EZC system, and is made from a higher grade of steel. It wraps around the wall and is plastered up prior to installation. This gives it a completely seamless look. Due to its robust heavy grade, it is better suited for higher use installations such as hotels, commercial and retail buildings.

So if you are an architect or specifier looking for something unique and modern for any of your long term projects, take a look at our new products to see if they might meet your need. If you like what you see, reach out to us at EZY Jamb UK so we can discuss your project requirements.

About EZY Jamb UK

EZY Jamb UK serves the United Kingdom through the sale of contemporary flush finish door jambs with clean lines and inconspicuous detail for modern architecture designs. EZY Jamb is committed to fulfilling the most challenging customer requirements and is constantly seeking to introduce and implement new viable systems for the construction industry worldwide. 


For more information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

EZYJamb walks away with a WIN at the US 2015 Architectural Record Magazine Awards.

Each year, the highly regarded architecture and design publication acknowledges the market's most promising and beautifully designed products that have the ability to challenge conventional methods - using criteria that support a strong commitment to innovation, usefulness and aesthetics.

The EZYJamb SRC Single Rabbet Trimless Doorframe impressed Architectural Record's six member selection jury being awarded the winner in the “Openings” category.

“We are honored to have our products recognized in Architectural Record’s 2015 Products as we have always been focused on being the leaders in innovative building systems” says EZYJamb North America Sales Manager Brandon Johnson. “With the EZConcept family of products it’s always been our intention to provide a complete solution for achieving the perfect combination of versatile functionality and inconspicuous detail”.

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High Rise Luxury in Midtown chooses EZYJamb/ROCYork for minimal interior spaces…

At the centre of it all and amidst the hustle of NYC tourism and construction, you will find some of the most luxurious condominiums being erected.

The former failed hotel Flatotel located at 135 West 52nd Street is being converted into condominiums and remaking itself as the “affordable luxury” home-base of Midtown. 135 West 52nd offers new condominiums for sale in New York’s most exciting Midtown Manhattan location where Broadway, Fifth Avenue and Central Park meet.

The 47 storey building is undergoing an extreme makeover and will include 109 apartments that range from one to four bedrooms. Five spectacular penthouses are also planned, plus 12,000 square feet of amenities packed into a residents’ club. Prices are set to range from $1.5 million to over $15 million. EZYJamb clean line frames and concealed hinges from ROCYork were used to complete the flush interior walls.

French lighting artist Thierry Dreyfus was engaged to design a “prominent and permanent” 40-storey LED light installation for the building’s facade. Dreyfus is world renowned for his installations in the United States, France and China including Chateau de Versailles and Notre Dame, Lyon Biennale and the Grand Biennale.

This hotel to condo conversion project has been estimated to cost $250 million..

For more information on EZYJamb and the wider EZConcept range click here to discover how flush finish walls and ceilings can set your next project apart from the crowd.


...Yes. EZYJamb can be easily adapted for use with removable or “lift-off” doors as required for code compliance when installed in bathrooms or toilets.

As stated in NCC (BCA) 2011 F2.5 (b), “The door to a fully enclosed sanitary compartment must…be readily removable from the outside…”
This criteria can be met by installing an EZYJamb with Lift-off hinges and the special Lift-off Channel for the header which creates a deep rebate that conceals the service gap above the door.



Features & Benefits

  • In areas such as toilets and bathrooms where doors must be removable in case of emergencies, EZYJambs are ideal and code compliant.
  • The hinges allow for removal of a hinged door without having to unscrew the hinges.
  • Lift-off EZYJamb hinges are finished with stainless steel for a look with class and style.
  • Easy to fit and time saving.
  • Recommended for internal use.
  • Lift-off Hinges are available in both left and right handing.

Lift-off Hinges

When ordering be aware that Lift-off hinges are usually left and right handed and that the part with the pin is attached to the frame, pointing up.

As Australia’s apartment building boom continues along its unprecedented climb, EZYJamb increases to become the door jamb of choice for apartments because of its simplicity and looks.

EZYJamb installations are at a record high in both high-rise and low-rise developments throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The rising popularity of EZYJamb’s new concealed hinge door jamb is helping to feed the insatiable appetite of Australia’s architects for the ultimate flush finish, clean line living space.

To compliment these square-set interior designs, architects are demanding the other innovative products from the Ezy finishing suite including EZYPelmet, EZYReveal and EZYCap products.

The recently completed Avenue Apartments in inner-city South Yarra, Victoria, is a stunning example of modern, meticulously designed interiors that use the benefits of EZYJamb’s architrave-free look and subtle lines to maximum effect for all internal hinged door and cavity sliding doors.
(Images supplied courtesy of Fridcorp.)

Make your door hinges disappear with the all new RocYork concealed door hinge from EZYJamb! Coming soon in early 2013, this revolutionary architectural breakthrough will allow uninterrupted clean lines around internal doors for the ultimate square-set interior.

Check out some of the features and benefits of the Rocyork concealed door hinge from EZYJamb…

  • No visible barrel or pin
  • Fully adjustable patented 3D alignment system
  • Super strong rating to 60kg
  • Maintenance free bearing mechanism
  • Premium quality, brushed steel finish
  • Aesthetically pleasing hinges covers

For more information, please call 1300 399 5262  or contact us.

EZYJamb is pleased to announce the appointment of Brandon Johnson as National Sales Manager for North America. In this new position, Brandon will have responsibility for developing EZYJamb's market presence and independent representative network, as well as assisting in the marketing strategy for both the US and Canadian markets.

Mr. Johnson has 15 years' experience in the architectural openings industry, and is very well rehearsed in providing support and solutions to Architects, specification writers, designers and contractors in this market space.

Please join us in welcoming Brandon to the EZYJamb team.


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