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Revitalise your interiors and create recessed window pelmets with EZYPelmet

EZYPelmet® is a two piece, pre-finished cold-rolled steel section which provides a fast, economical and prestigious solution for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings. It provides a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or the building structure.

EZYPelmet® is at home in apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, houses and just about any other application where a luxurious, clear view outlook is sought. Designed, engineer and manufactured in Australia, EZYPelmet is the result of collaboration with elite architects and leaders in the building industry.


Conceal your window pelmets with EZYPelmet

  • Contemporary, clear view design
  • Flush-finish edge for square-set interiors
  • Completely concealed fixings
  • Does not require fixing from the top
  • Finished in white, no need to paint
  • Install from below after ceiling
  • Fastest method for creating window pelmets
  • Suitable for blinds, curtain, lights and more

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