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Custom finishing and capping of plasterboard made easy with FastCaps

Custom finishing and capping of plasterboard is made easy with FastCaps® range of custom made finishing sections. Our custom design and consultancy team is ready to help design and produce an innovative solution to your requirements for any size project.

FastCaps® custom finishing sections make the finishing of difficult plasterboard profiles, rebates and large oversized shadowlines a dream. Custom profiles made to suit.

FastCaps plasterboard capping solutions include

  • Light troffers
  • Recessed curtain pelmets
  • Ceiling features
  • Sliding door receptacle
  • Flush-finish bookshelves
  • Recessed wall features

Please contact EZConcept for any general enquiries or what solution best suits your interior on 1300 399 5262 today!

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Last modified on July 27, 2016

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