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Square Set, Metal and Custom Window Reveals without Architraves with EZYReveal

EZYReveal® provides a strong and durable surface for window trims and the ideal clean lines and flush finish look around window and door openings. Available in Square Set, Window and Custom Window Reveals, protect your windows whilst boosting your interior aesthetics with EZYReveal.

  • Designed for quick and economical finishing of window trims.
  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel providing a strong and secure reveal eliminating warping, twisting, cracking and damage from harmful UV Rays.
  • Product can be painted with the wall colour.
  • EZYReveal® is available in 20 standard widths ranging from 20mm to 250mm.
  • Custom width and length EZYReveal® is available on request.

 Please contact EZYJamb for any general enquiries or what solution best suits your interior on 1300 399 5262 today!

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Last modified on August 2, 2016

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