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Rocyork Hardware

ROCyork and EZYJamb collaborating to produce premium architectural door hardware

Rocyork is the accredited supplier of authentic architectural door hardware for the EZYJamb system. Integrating seamlessly with EZYJamb’s commitment to the mix of superior quality with contemporary interior styling, Rocyork are now developing a select range of door furniture specifically for EZYJamb door systems.

The Rocyork range for Architectural Door Hardware includes

  • Regular Door Hinges for EZYJamb
  • Door Strikes and Latches for EZYJamb
  • Hairline Hinges for EZYJamb
  • Concealed, invisible hinges for EZYJamb (Coming soon…)

Please contact EZConcept for any general enquiries or what solution best suits your interior on 1300 399 5262 today!

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Last modified on June 28, 2017

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